Professional Tax

Karnataka Professsion Tax

Profession tax is levied under the Karnataka Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1976

Professional Tax

Who must Pay Professional Tax?

Professional Tax is payable by the following ‘PERSONS’ (Individuals and Business Entities)

engaged in any Profession, trade, callings or employment in the State of Karnataka:

A. Employees

  •  Employees with Salary/Wage of Rs.15000 /- or more

B. Employers (Business Organisations)

  •  Sole Proprietor
  •  Partnership Firm (Registered / Unregistered)
  •  Limited Company (Private / Public)
  •  Limited Liability Partnership
  •  Corporations and Corporate Bodies
  •  Hindu Undivided family (HUF)
  •  Trust / Society / Club / Association.
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